Monday, 10 May 2010

Easy GeeGee's

Why is it that everything can get in the way of trading? This last week has been a nightmare for that very reason. Made all the more worse by the fact the football season is coming to an end and I wasn’t able to trade. I think all the part-time traders out there will agree that this is a common curse.

I decided today to try my hand at a small stakes, horse triple and doubles bet. The horses chosen were:
Scarlet Rocks (Brighton 14:10)
My Flame (Brighton 14:40)
Brannagh (Brighton 15:10)

I put £2 on the treble and £2 on each of the 3 doubles.

This proved a very profitable bet and may well be a tactic to use, (every now and again of course) while waiting for the new season to start.


Horses: £77.64

Running Total:

Start: £140.84

P/L: £77.64

Total: £218.48